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Shadowbrook Horse Water Walker
Fitter - Stronger - Faster

Shadowbrook Horse Water Walker

Flexywater is Australia's first equine water walking pool to produce variable resistance training, created via water current pumps capable of providing 7 kph of adverse current, with each pump being individually controlled by the push of a button and thus eliminating the 'whirlpool' effect that allows horses to glide rather than be challenged by resistance. This superior product provides the ultimate facility to achieve fitness and conditioning of your horse in a low impact, secure and controlled environment.


  • 10 horse walking machine incorporated into a unique channel design pool
  • Variable water depth 0-1.2 mtrs.
  • Dual directional variable speed
  • 'Whirlpool effect is eliminated, a controlled resistance is provided via submerged pumps capable of achieving up to 7kph adverse current
  • The state of the art automatic static filtration and salt chlorination systems maintains the highest of water quality (maintained to human standards)
  • Advantages:

  • Water training increases fitness and conditioning in a low impact, secure and controlled environment
  • Flexibility to exercise horses to trainers specific instruction
  • Prevention and rehabilitation of numerous types of injuries
  • Foot and leg injuries/ailments receive significant benefit
  • Ability to 'cool down' legs post track work, both reducing and preventing inflammation

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